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Press Releases

Five Fundamentals for Efficient Materials Sample Preparation

Five Fundamentals for Efficient Materials Sample Preparation Image Improve Throughput in Metallographic and Hardness Testing Labs

Webinar Offered June 30, 2020 by Buehler

Lake, Bluff, IL … Buehler, an ITW Company and a global manufacturer of scientific equipment announces a ‘back-to-basics in metallography’ webinar: entitled Five Fundamentals for Efficient Materials Sample Preparation on June 30, 2020. The topic will include key considerations to improve lab efficiency that also results in increased throughput in a production environment. This is important in high volume manufacturing of parts used in the manufacturing of medical devices, electronics, and transportation products. The webinar will be done in three time zones and three languages: English, French and German.

Whether one is preparing metallographic samples for microstructural analysis or hardness testing, sample preparation is a multi-stage process, with a wide variety of options not only on the selection of the steps themselves, but also the equipment, consumables and settings for each step. Due to the many options, it can be challenging to identify an approach that is both efficient and effective.

This webinar will focus on the five key parts to achieving highly efficient sample preparation. For each part, core considerations will be discussed, and examples will be given. Resources to help improve materials selection and processes will also be shown.

By considering each of these five key areas, attendees will be able to:

  • Recognize common problems in preparation approach
  • Identify improvement opportunities in their current approach
  • Know how to find the right information for their material and application
  • Be able to optimize the preparation process for time, cost and quality

The webinar is presented for metallurgical technicians, engineers and others who carry out sample preparation and hardness testing of materials as part of quality control or inspection during manufacturing.

Registration is complimentary, sign up today and get a place in the virtual Buehler classroom. Attendees will also receive a certificate of participation right after the Webinar. If the Webinar is interesting to you but the date does not fit your schedule, simply register and you will get a recording shortly after the event. To register for the complimentary webinar, select your language and date.

In 2020, Buehler celebrates the 100-year anniversary of its acclaimed Wilson? hardness brand which was originally known as the Wilson Mechanical Instrument Company. Here Stanley Rockwell and founder Charles H. Wilson introduced the Rockwell hardness tester, an industry standard. Later, Wilson became the home of the legendary Tukon line of micro-indentation testers – renowned for Knoop and Vickers testing. These early inventions revolutionized industry and paved the way for Wilson today, with innovations that improve usability and allow for full connectivity and automation like the DiaMet software and the powerful and versatile Universal hardness tester.

Buehler maintains an extensive network of laboratory, sales, distributors and service teams that are available to provide improved solutions, applications and processes to customers worldwide. For additional information on the Buehler metallographic products, consumables, and solutions available please visit